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UPDATE: 3/23 - 1:34AM


Hello Everyone!


Round 1 is done and it did not disappoint! Remember, Round 2 starts tomorrow at 11:45am central time. See below for all relevant information as well as some reminders.

 -Here is your link for Round 2 selections. > HERE

 -Leaderboard, round selection links, and all updates can always be found on the website here. >

 -We have 33 entries which means we will pay out the top 3 entries when it’s all said and done.

 -If you have not paid yet, please do so asap.

 -Just as a reminder, you CAN change your picks throughout each round. The first time you complete your form entry you will receive an email confirming completion. In this email there is a link to edit your selections. Any changes to this original entry are timestamped. Obviously, any changes to a game that has already started will not be counted. You can also always text or email me directly if you’d like to make changes. Just remember, tinkering can be dangerous…




Caleb Hainline

M: (214) 532-7858




Welcome everyone to a new year of Showdown For The Crown! A unique March Madness bracket pool brought to you by Crown Realty Group & BABZ Marine! Check us out on Instagram at @crgdfw & @babzusa !


If you’ve never participated in Showdown For The Crown, this will be a little different than what you're probably used to with other pools. So read carefully!


 Round By Round Format – This is a round by round format which means you will NOT pick your bracket all the way through to the championship at this time. You will pick one round at a time, once the previous round has been completed. That means to start, you will ONLY pick the first round of games (Thursday & Friday). The second round will then be available to pick after the first round games have concluded.


Entry Fee of $30 - 3 entries allowed per person. Venmo - @CalebHainline - Please contact me for other payment methods.


Prize Money Top 10% of entries will win money. Payout will be determined when the first game tips and we know how many entries there are. 1st place will still be heavily weighted!



Pick Selection - All picks will be made via a google forms sheet link emailed out before each round. It will also be at the top of the main website. You can find that here:




Scoring is also going be a little different than you a probably used to. So read the below carefully.

  • Points are awarded for each correct pick.
  • Points values increase as the tournament progresses, as follows: 
    • Play-in games are not included or scored
    • First Round = 30 point
    • Second Round = 45 points
    • Sweet 16 = 75 points
    • Regional Final (Round of 8) = 90 points
    • National Semifinal (Last Four) = 105 points
    • Championship = 120 points
  • Seeding Bonus - The pool uses a seed point bonus. The seed of the picked team will be added to the points assigned per round. For example, if a member correctly picks a 7 seeded team to win in the Sweet Sixteen round, they will receive 82 points (75 round points + 7 seed points). 
  • The tie-breaker is the combined number of points scored in the Championship game. Each member must enter a tie-break value when they make their picks. 
  • The winner is the entry with the most points at the end of the NCAA Tournament.
  • Second tie-breaker will be number of Sweet 16 round points, followed by Elite 8, then total of rounds 1 &2. 





The leaderboard will be emailed out and posted on the website at the conclusion of each round. Feel free to share this pool with anyone you know! But remember, all non paying accounts will be deleted if payment is not received in a timely manner. Good luck ya jabronis! 

Caleb Hainline

(214) 532-7858