About Us

The Story

BABz came to be from the lack of options out there for boat fenders. They were either too hard, scuffing the boat’s delicate gel coat, too small, not durable enough, didn't last, warped, not easily stored, etc. So we decided,

 "It's time for a better boat fender"


They’ve been dubbed BABz. We wanted these to be made to last and tough enough to take the punishment of a dock or larger boat. To allow for this, these are made from a thick, durable, but soft plastic blend. The handle itself is reenforced with a harder, thicker plastic. The air filler location is also reenforced to eliminate leaks or tearing associated with constant inflating and deflating. 


Every boater knows storage is a premium. BABz easily deflate and fold down for easy storage leaving room for more important items. 


BABz are the largest fenders of their kind on the market. These will inflate all the way up to around 24 inches. The thickness of the ball itself allows for different sizes of inflation and firmness for different situations. With smaller, boats, the larger size allows you to put these at the water level when tied up at the cove and not have to worry about hanging them at just the right height. The handle is also designed to hang directly on the cleat. Of course, you can hang these in the traditional style.


A plug style has been incorporated for inflation and deflation. This allows you to blow these up with the same 12v air pump you use for other inflatables or with your own lungs. No needles or valves. 


For now BABz are only available in Black and Gunmetal. But in the future more colors will be offered. It is also important to note the logo is only on one side. If you’d prefer the no logo look, you can simply flip them over. 


These are the fenders you’ve been waiting for. We know you will love BABz!