Do BABz come with any kind of warranty?

Yes! All BABz products come with a 1 year warranty that starts the day of purchase. For full warranty information, please see the "Warranty" section which can be found at the bottom of the home page. 


My BABz came with an extra plug. Great! But what is this little fork looking thing?

This is the plug removal tool! The plugs may seem simple to pull out now. But after some use on the water, they can become quite difficult to pull out just using your fingers. This tool allows for easy removal. Many customers drill a small hole and put them on their key chain. Every BABz comes with a removal tool. So if you order 4 BABz, you will receive 4 removal tools. 


I love that BABz can inflate and deflate so easily. But are there any tips for storing them inflated? 

Yes! While the best place to store BABz is deflated and in a compartment. There are some favorite tricks for storing them inflated. BABz are light enough to be tied just about anywhere on the boat. But our favorite is on top of the tower/bimini. If you have surf pockets, you can simply use the clips from those. But our favorite method that works for everyone is using some gear ties. We personally use "Nite Ize Original Gear Ties" (found on Amazon or local hardware store) to secure BABz to the tower, board racks, pull up bar near the swim platform, or just about anywhere else you can think of. You may get some looks going down the lake. But they will do just fine!