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BABZ Classic Fender - Pack of 4

BABZ Classic Fender - Pack of 4

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The new and improved Classic Fender from BABZ is here! This flagship model boasts an expertly-crafted redesign, drawing from insights gained from prior versions. This is our best fender yet.


    • The Classic fender features a new PVC blend plastic, specifically designed to offer superior softness and protection on delicate gelcoats, while enhancing its durability over previous models - making it our strongest fender yet.
    • The Classic handle has been redesigned with increased grip patterns, a distinctive shape, increased thickness, and bolstered anchoring points to maximize its resilience. Additionally, the trademarked BABZ mark confirms that you are receiving an official BABZ product.
    • The Classic is larger than its precursors, achieving normal inflation levels at a diameter of 24 inches and reaching a maximum diameter of 26 inches when fully inflated.
    • A larger, redesigned plug and valve allows for inflation with standard electric or manual pumps already used for other inflatables or simply using your own lungs. No special needles or valves required.
    • Each Classic fender comes with 3 total plugs, 1 large plug removal tool, and 1 BABZ logo sticker.
    • The renowned ease of deflation and compaction for storage persists in the V4.
    •  All BABZ products carry the best warranty on the market. A no hassle refund or replacement within 1 year of product purchase. If you are out of warranty and have an issue, do not hesitate to reach out to us!
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