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BABZ Pro Fender

BABZ Pro Fender

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The highly anticipated BABZ Pro Fender has arrived! The Pro Fender is built for those that need maximum coverage and protection. We designed the Pro Fender from the ground up to be the best,  most heavy duty fender we've ever offered.

 All BABZ products carry the best warranty on the market. A no hassle refund or replacement within 1 year of product purchase. If you are out of warranty and have an issue, do not hesitate to reach out to us!

  • A new PVC blend plastic is introduced on the Pro Fender. Still super soft on delicate gelcoats. But guaranteed to be extremely durable. This is our strongest fender to date.
  • The Pro Fender is much larger than previous versions. Normal inflation level is reached at 28 inches (diameter). 
  • The Pro offers a new, custom pear shaped design. This shape provides maximum coverage, while also maintaining contouring to the boat hull.
  • The Pro handle has been completely redesigned. This new design gives maximum strength while still allowing the versatility you’ve come to expect in previous versions. The aggressive, raised patterning grabs strong to cleats and rope while the unique shape, improved thickness, and reinforced anchor points add to overall handle durability. The trademarked BABZ stamp lets you know you're getting an authentic BABZ product. 
  • A redesigned, larger, reinforced valve and plug allows inflation with your own lung power or electric pumps without the need for special needle adapters. The larger opening also allows for much faster deflation. Each V4 BABZ comes with 3 total plugs and 1 large plug removal tool.
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